Meet one of my Characters Blog Tour

I was invited to take part in this character blog tour by Wanda Snow Porter.  Wanda is a friend and a talented author.  I knew right away which of my characters would want to explain herself.   Sherice  Solomon. After all it isn’t easy being a female serial killer.  I’ve heard all of her excuses, her rationales. I’m not buying it, but I’ll let you form your own opinions.

Hello, I am Sherice Solomon. My story is told in Ice.  Yes, I have killed, but it is not my fault.  I have never been in control of my life.  Even as a child the Hunger waited inside of me, a gnawing need that must be fed.   A family heritage my father said.   The Hunger was what gave him, and later me, the ruthless edge we needed in the cutthroat world of business

My father was a demanding man, and although I tired I never could please him. When My David entered my life, I left my father with joy, but the Hunger came with me.

My David became my world, my guiding star. It was he who took me to Bangkok and there my life changed. It is where I found my teacher.

My David liked games of chance. On early morning he returned home with a middle-eastern blade, a shafra.  When he placed the jeweled hilted knife in front of me, I felt its siren call in my heart.

That night Arahni came to me in a dream.   She lived inside the large sapphire embedded in the blade’s hilt. Arahni told me we were meant to be as one. She recognized the Hunger inside of me. She would teach me how to feed it.

Arahni did. At first the shafra with its six-inch blade was awkward to handle, but after many melons split in two, I perfected my stroke.

My first kill was in an alley in Bangkok. The man certainly deserved to die. That he looked like my father had nothing to do with mine and the Hunger’s pleasure.

With the shafra’s first taste of blood, brought on by my hand, the Hunger would no longer be denied.

So we hunted, Arahni and I, but to only appease the Hunger. The hunt has nothing to do with the intense pleasure each kill provides.

I am not a serial killer. I am not a person with Ice in my veins. If I am so cold, why would I be lonely? Why would I seek another to join with me, in spite of Arahni’s jealousy?

I am Sherice Solomon.

Read my story, and then you decide.


Barbara M. Hodges lives on the central coast of California. She shares her life with her husband Jeff, two basset hounds, Hamlet and Heidi, as well as with a sassy feline Wallace.  She is the author or co-author of nine works of fiction.  The Blue Flame, The Emerald Dagger and The Silver Angel are the first three books in her young adult Daradawn fantasy series.  A Spiral of Echoes, co-written with Maggie Pucillo is a chilling paranormal romance. Ice and One Last Sin, co-authored with Randolph Tower, are crime fiction. The Return of the Ancients and Aftermath are fantasy and Shadow Worlds, co-authored with Darrell Basin, is science fiction.  To find out more about Barbara and her books please visit her website.

Her books can be found in print and electronic formant at and many other online retailers.

Barbara invites you to continue the blog tour by visiting on September 22nd with:

Susan Tuttle

Professional editor and award-winning author of the Write It Right 5-star-review e-Book series now available in print and on Kindle, the suspense novels Tangled Webs and Sins of the Past, and the indie B.R.A.G. Medallion winning paranormal suspense novel Proof of Identity available in print and ebook format on


Check out her blog at:




Virgil Alexander


I’m a native of Arizona, born in Gila County, near the delightful towns of Globe and Miami. I spent my childhood outside, playing, roaming the hills, riding horses, shooting, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and working; and inside reading. My second home was the Miami Library, or the Old Dominion Library in Globe. Because it was low cost all our vacations were camping vacations, all over Arizona. My parents particularly liked the Verde River, so at least once a year we camped a couple of weeks south of Camp Verde; Mom and Dad would later retire across the river from where we camped. Gila County was my home for nearly fifty years (with occasional, short gaps of living in Thatcher, Phoenix, Yuma, and Eastern Canada).

I worked for 42 years for a major international mining company, the last sixteen in the corporate headquarters in Tempe and Phoenix; during that time I travelled extensively to mines and operations in Arizona and New Mexico, throughout the U.S., Canada, South America, and visited operations in Britain and Holland. For most of my career my work and volunteer service has involved writing. I have written reports, proposals, standard operating procedures, technical manuals, training manuals and aids, and newsletters. On my own time I wrote newspaper articles, poetry, short stories, and lectures and papers on community college classes I taught in Instrumentation, Robotics, Business Management, and Public Speaking.

My family had horses and raised livestock. I love the outdoors, history, travel, restaurants, researching, writing, my wife/best friend, my children, and grandchildren. I enjoy the American southwest and Arizona in particular. You will find in my writing the southwest is like a leading character.

My first novel, The Wham Curse, is in part based on the historic 1889 Wham Payroll Robbery, allowing me to tie my love of history to my love of creative writing. I have also authored a sequel novel, Saints & Sinners, published by Oak Tree Press on May 1, 2014, is now in bookstores and on-line; and have started a third story in this series, The Baleful Owl.  I have been working on a ranch history of Gila County, Arizona for about five years and am aiming to publish volume 1 sometime this year.



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