Las Vegas Observations.

I attended the Public Service Writer’s Association conference July-16-19th.  Like every year it is in Las vegas.  The conference is for authors whose writing involves those serving the public….police officers, firefighters, CSI, FBI etc, as well as others who have them in their stories. Great conference by the way.

What I want to talk about is what I observed this time. I guess it might be nothing knew, but this time is when I noticed it. At dinner with Marilyn and Hap Meredith, their daughter and Eileen Schneider we sat by a window that looked out on to the casino floor. After a sip of wine is when it hit me….the faces of those sitting in front of a slot machine. They didn’t look happy.  What they did look was intense and even angry.

I thought of all of the wonderful things you could be doing at The Orleans instead of gambling,…seeing a movie, bowling, and all the shows offered elsewhere. Why were they doing something that made them unhappy?  Life is to short to willingly participate in something that puts such a scowl on your face.  If you have a choice then do something that makes you smile.


  1. I agree. I hate all the smoke on the floor, and you have to walk through it to get anywhere. I always laugh at the ads for our local casinos with the twenty-somethings laughing and smiling at the tables. Where are those people? I’ve never seen them in a real casino.


  2. I never gamble when I’m at the Orleans–but I wouldn’t even be there if it wasn’t for the conference. And it rained again. It’s rained the last three years when we were in Vegas. Loved spending time with you, Barbara–one of the highlights of the con.


    1. You know I love seeing you and Hap. The night we had dinner and were going up in the elevator, the lady with us wanted to know if you were my mother. I told her you were my second mom.😀


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