About Me

Barbara M Hodges is the author or co-author of ten works of fiction. 

The Blue Flame, The Emerald Dagger and The Silver Angel, are the first three books in her Daradawn, young adult fantasy series.  She also has a book with three shorter pieces of fantasy fiction titled, Aftermath and an epic fantasy, The Return of the Ancients.

Barbara has co-authored five other novels.  One Last Sin and Ice. co-written with Randolph Tower, are works of suspense. Shadow Worlds, co-written with Darrell Bain, is science fiction, and A Spiral of Echoes, co-authored with Maggie Puclllo, is  a paranormal romance. A Forever Home for Gracie-Lou is a picture book co-authored with Cathleen Thompson.

Barbara lives on the central coast of California. She shares her life with her husband Jeff and two basset hounds, Hamlet and Heidi.

When Barbara isn’t writing she enjoys designing beaded jewelry.  She is also a big NASCAR fan.


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