basset hounds

How my love affair with basset hounds began.



I’ve always had pets. The earliest dog I remember is Curly, a spaniel mix.  When Jeff and I married we had  Linus, Woodstock and Gus. There have been cats too.  We fell in love with Manx cats when good friends gave us one from a litter. But I’ve never been so totally owned by a dog until basset hounds came into my life.

Winston was a birthday gift to me from my husband. At that time I knew next to nothing about basset hounds.  I simply thought basset hound puppies were the most adorable creatures, with their long ears, beautiful brown eyes and comical way of moving. And yes, Winston was all that.  He was also stubborn, opinionated and ruled by his nose.  I loved him dearly.

I remember him sitting in the front yard and howling because somewhere in the ten or so miles, or even more area surrounding us a female was in heat.

Plans were made right after for neutering.

The day before the scheduled procedure I was walking Winston when a pickup pulled up beside us. A guy rolled down the window and asked,”Do you want to put a smile on that dog’s face?”

It seems he was looking for a male to mate his basset, Dolly with.  This was before I became involved with basset hound rescue and became aware of back yard breeding.

I agreed to wait for a short while before having Winston altered.

Dolly’s mama came to the house, looked over Winston and agreed he was a very handsome fellow. As if I had any doubts.

The time came for Winston to do the deed.  For awhile there was some doubt that it would an accomplished fact.  Winston seemed more interested in exploring the ayrd and marking his territory.

Dolly took things in hand, gained his interest, and a few months afterward, six basset hound puppies came into the world.

We’d agreed to take the pick of the litter.

It was wonderful watching the pups grow.  We’d go to visit, play with them, and then go home. It was like being a fantastic aunt.

It became time to make our choice. An almost impossible decision.  Al the pups were to be in the running, but the little girl of the family had fallen in love with one of them and Jeff and I both knew that little female pup was off limits.

We let the pup choose us.  That is how Sydney came into our hearts.